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Uptrendly is Nepal's only Influence marketing platform.

We advertise your products through Nepal's top social media influencers, who'll build brand recognition for you and engage your target audience with organic posts.

New to Influencer Marketing?

Uptrendly is easy to use; Here is how:


Got followers on Social Medias? Are your posts usually flooded with likes? How about getting financial returns for posting pictures with your Favorite brands.

Earn Money

Generate remuneration for doing what you love sharing inspirational photos, videos and crafting engaging posts.

Build Personal Brand

Associate with Nepal’s biggest brands also get opportunities to network with top influencers to build your profile as well as your brand through Uptrendly.

Professionals Growth

Uptrendly Influencer maximize on earnings and professional growth through a constant flow of opportunities that fit their audience and personal brand.

What Our Influencers Say


Connect and Engage your Target Audience with subtle but effective posts from Nepal’s top influencer

Set Your Budget

We make it super easy to work with creators across all social platforms at a budget that is right for you.

Select Influencer

Prepare campaigns with Nepal’s top Influencers best suited for the Brands’ target demographics. We give you the platform to take your Brand to unparallel heights.

Grow Customers

From breathtaking photo posts to immersive product reviews. Uptrendly allows Brands to generate engaging content to improve their Brand recognition and sales.

Introduce Impress Influence

Smart people believe in recommendation rather than advertisement.

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